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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Review: Torihei Yokohama in Torrance

1757 West Carson Street
Torrance, CA 90501 
Overall Rating:
~$20 Per Person

Pretty much if you are looking for a very traditional Japanese yakitori this is the spot. The food is even better than the yakitori I had IN Japan. The service is superb because you are dealing with Japanese service...from the second you walk in you're greeted to the second you leave you hear thank you. We ordered in Japanese but the waiters are able to speak English as well. I seriously felt like I returned to Japan when I ate here...you almost forget you're even in America. 
Suna or Chicken Gizzard. Very rubbery texture but something you get used to. Very yummy and low in fat.

I believe this is just Sausage...very nice coating and served with mayonnaise.
Momo or pork. Again very delicious pieces of meat.

Gyutan or beef tongue. What was SO unique about this dish was that they put little spoonfuls of wasabi on top of each piece. Another cut of meat that is very low in fat and absolutely delicious. Don't be afraid to try tongue! You are really missing out!
Tontoro or pork belly...with some radish on the side. Generally pork belly is full of fat but this slices are very lean!
Teba or Chicken Wings. Nice crust on outside...good salt. Absolutely delicious.

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