Los Angeles

Monday, February 21, 2011

My first entry!

Hello Everyone!

Most of you are probably here because you remember my old site that supplied graphics...well, I'm turning a new leaf and am going to focus on just food on this blog. Sorry :)

Anyway, I will keep adding to this until I've finally uploaded all the photos I have! You're just going to have to wait for updates...as the usual.

This site is going to mainly serve as a food critic blog...with some snippets of my own cooking eventually.

Until the next update...


  1. Hey there, I remembered your old site today as I came across a diary I wrote when i was 12! It is great that you have turned this into a food blog, I also love food and have been sampling and reviewing restaurants for the pst 3 years. So I am doing a similar thing (for my own records - maybe eventually I will turn it into a public blog) in London! Im realy looking forward to reading this.

    S xxx

  2. Thank you Shekha! Yes, I just figured since I own mimisk8.com there is no reason not to facilitate it even if it's just for personal use :) Good luck with your own blog!

  3. Oh my god this site is so nostalgic. I'm kind of wary of saying that I'm here because I remember mimisk8 from like *WAY* back when I was playing neopets in elementary school and I used to come there for music to put on my profile, because I feel like you'd rather people come to the blog for your food critique but I just have to post this comment. I was actually just looking for a song that I used to listen to all the time and I remembered that it was there, and just randomly tried the site name and was totally blown away that it was still up, let alone that it had changed so much. It's cool that you're totally turning it into this whole new thing, good for you lol. Also, I don't usually like being "that guy" but instead of "soul" on the header post thingie it should be "sole". I'm not a nitpicky person, I just thought you might want to know since it's something everyone sees when they get to your blog. Anyway, for the sake of nostalgia I say good luck on this site :)

  4. Hi PerryDocks! Lol thanks for pointing that out...I'll fix it. Yeah, I've managed to maintain ownership of the domain over the years. I haven't even been keeping up with this site too well...mainly because I'm in medical school but once I get a lull in studying I'll update it more :)

  5. Still in school going for a PHD? it's been nearly 5 years since you shut down. (Or something like that since whenever you told me ( enight10) that you were not going to continue with the site.) Glad you kept the domain though otherwise I would have taken it and set it back up for Neopets, I was looking for some songs on you site after watching Neon Genesis Evangelion and wondering why all of their songs were so familiar I ended up searching for mimisk8 once again. Thus making you one of the only 'small' sites I have spent time memorizing the URL for. Good luck with school.

  6. Yes still in school! I have another 4 years to go plus residency. I shut down probably about 5 years ago or more when I started my undergrad...I can't remember. Neopets has changed a lot so my site would have had to do a lot of changing as well...plus there are a lot of copyright issues with music that I just don't want to dabble in again! Anyway, thanks for the luck. I'm going to need it :)