Los Angeles

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Review: Sushi Kamon in Rowland Heights

17855 Colima Rd
City of Industry, CA 91748
Overall Rating:
Will def continue to go here.
~$30 Per Person after tax with alcohol.
Very friendly waiters...just takes awhile to get your food during weekends.

Great sushi just pricey.
So I've actually been looking for good SUSHI around my house. We have plenty of good Chinese and so-so Japanese restaurants around my house, but I have yet to find sushi...real sushi. My boyfriend has been talking about this place forever so we finally decided to try it. 

I did the combination which is essentially an obento box filled with a variety of dishes...for $18.50 per box it's kinda pricey especially if you order drinks; however, the sushi is worth it. They have three sushi chefs or so who are all Japanese making your sushi. The waiters are all very friendly and attentive here as well...the only problem is that the kitchen does tend to take awhile to make the dishes that are on the combination. I believe we waited to not only be seated but also a good thirty minutes for our food on a Saturday night...but hey, even the waitress came up to us to warn us there was going to be a wait :)

I believe next time I'll skip the combination and just stick to sushi or sashimi.

For better views, click on the photos.
*EDIT: 7/22/2011* I recently went back to Sushi Kamon and had a sashimi salad...extremely delicious! 


  1. I just wanted to let you know that the last time I visited your website, I was also about 13 years old (this as about 8 years ago) and was one of many people that liked to use your graphics. (I was a neopets html fanatic at the time.)

    Kudos to you for continuing on and maturing. Back then I thought site creators were ageless. :)

  2. Hi Katie--Thank you for your kind words...sorry it takes so long to get a response! I've been neglecting my blog :( yes we are all human...well, most of us ;)

    Hi Rory--It WAS delicious...I recently went back last week and go a sashimi salad...very delish and fresh.